How to Jerk

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In this lesson, you'll learn the jerk and the reject.

The Reject

As you're doing this move, be leaning back slightly.

1. Lift your right foot up and forward. Do a small hop forward on your left leg. While doing this hop, swing your right leg back.

2. As soon as your right foot touches the floor behind you, lift your left foot up and forward. Do a small hop forward on your right leg. While doing this hop, swing your left leg back.

The Jerk

1. Start with your legs open wider than shoulder width. Bend your torso forward, then tilt it forward and backward repeatedly, getting a groove going. Keep this bounce going throughout the move.

2. Lean to the right and slightly forward. Bring your torso up to the center and drop it to the other side, leaning to the left. Bring it up and around again to the right side, then to the left again. 

3. As you're doing this, continue going further and further down toward the floor until you're as low as you can get.

Arm Movements

There are several different arm movements you can do while doing the jerk.

* When you lean to the right, your left arm can be straight out to the left. Your right arm would be crooked, with your fist facing up and left. When you lean to the left, switch arms.

When leaning, both elbows can be bent, both hands held up on the sides of your head. The palms would be facing towards your head.

* When leaning to your left, your right hand can be holding your left inner thigh. Meanwhile, your right hand can be hovering over your head.

* When leaning to one side, you can mimic brushing back your hair with the opposite hand.

Leg Movements

During the jerk, your knees should be alternating between going inward towards each other and outward away from each other. However, don't just alternate—there has to be a groove to it. For example, when you're going towards that lean to the left, lead it with your left knee going outward. Then, when you're in the lean, you can go inward and then outward again with that knee.


Now that you've practiced the reject and the numerous movements that go into the jerk, try doing this combination: Reject right, reject left, reject right, reject left, jerk right, jerk left, jerk right, jerk left.

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